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01/08/2017 - Rome, Italy, July 20th, 2017 – Cadmos Microsystems S.r.l. has successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test on a large ISS Recording and Replay system that includes 177 recording units,  which is to be installed at the new Kuala Lumpur Area Control Centre (KL-ACC) in Malaysia. 
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4th/6th March 2014 - Cadmos ISS Recording & Playback system has raised great interest at World ATM Congress 2014 in Madrid.

12th/14th March 2013 - Cadmos at ATC  Global 2013 in Amsterdam. ISS (Integrated Surveillance Suite), the state-of-the-art Recording & Playback system by Cadmos, has been presented in the Seminar Theatre of the Amsterdam RAI exhibition.

6th/8th March 2012 - Cadmos at ATC  Global 2012 in Amsterdam. Now in its 22nd year, the ATC Global Exhibition and Conference will be the definitive meeting place for ATM professionals from every sector and every continent.

23th February 2012 - Cadmos attended the 3rd MIDCAS workshop at Eurocontrol HQ in Brussels. Cadmos is involved in the MIDCAS project, providing a Serial to Ethernet ATC protocol converter.

8th/10 th March 2011 - Cadmos at ATC Global 2011 in Amsterdam. ATC Global is the largest exhibition of its kind, with 200 leading international exhibitors, product demonstrations, seminars and workshops
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June 2010 - Cadmos announces SC-MXO "Optical link board for ATC router". This new board support double optical link with SFP socket.

April 2010 - Cadmos provides MediaSwitch-ST ATC router and MediaSwitch-SH to Selex Sistemi Integrati in Cyprus Lefco - Nicosia ACC - project.

February 2010 - Cadmos provides MediaSwitch-ST ATC router to Selex Sistemi Integrati in Turkey SMART  (Systematic Modernization of Air Traffic Management) project.

9th/11th March 2010 - Cadmos at ATC Global 2010 in Amsterdam. ATC Global is the largest exhibition of its kind, with 200 leading international exhibitors, product demonstrations, seminars and workshops.
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December 2009 - Cadmos Media Switch ST, a powerful ATC router with state of the art features and performances at the right price, has been released

October 2009 - Cadmos announces SCF16 "Blue Core", the most powerful CPU of its Scalable Cpu Family. A brand new Risc 32bit CPU with integrated FPGA and dual Ethernet.

Company profile

About us

Cadmos is an experienced but dynamic and cutting edge company, with a deep knowledge in integrating stable technologies with last generation systems, in particular in the ATC environment.
Skills acquired during many years of professional activity in several complementary fields (network integration, telecommunications, industrial controls, security and surveillance) are fully integrated at Cadmos labs, sharing the common aim towards innovation.
These are the key capabilities of Cadmos group, whose products and know-how have the goal to assist the customer in:

Our products

Cadmos proposes a full range of products, in the ATC field, aimed at:
Network interoperability, such as Media Switch ST series, SH series, etc., specialized in a wide range of functions like switching, bridging and tunneling between different communication protocols and standards, e.g.:

Each system can interface different lines, diverging in electric standard (V.24, V.36, V.35, etc.), in physical characteristics (speed, clock, etc.) and in protocols used.
Surveillance data distribution, such as Media Switch CAT series or monitoring instrumentation as SAM series, specially aimed to register, control and monitor the operating parameters of communication lines, as well as assist in controlling and integrating surveillance systems networks.
Integration and service continuity, through systems which allow to compensate for normal obsolescence of technologies, such as RTC units that can be employed in substitution of old terminals like VT520, or equipments like the NTP expansion of Media Switch series, which can manage timing information on the network through GPS receivers using NTP protocol.

ATC Recording & Playback

ISS, Cadmos Recording & Playback system, is the most advanced, comprehensive and flexible R&P system o the market. ISS makes Recording & Playback functionality just a click away. A wide range of different sources can be recorded, synchronized and replayed, providing a complete scenario that integrates video, audio, keyboatd and mouse actions, surveillance data, CCTV cameras and environment microphones in a unified system.

Key points

The main features that make Cadmos products the ideal solution can be summarized as follows: